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Areas of Expertise

For individuals & small groups: 
Couples/Family Therapy

For organizations:


I have worked with CEOs, professional athletes, and university professors. I have experience working with both men and women, as parents and as emerging adults. My best work is with adults, couples, and families experiencing:

relational distress

intimacy issues

interpersonal & intrapersonal conflict


moderate depression

communication issues

stress management 

life transitions

For organizations, I provide presentations and workshops focusing on:  conflict resolution

emotional intelligence in the workplace

team building

Area of Exprtise

My Approach

"The quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives."

- Esther Perel


I'm a relational, existential therapist, which means I believe the magic happens from our therapeutic alliance. When we change how we look at ourselves, we change how the world interacts with us. My job is to help you interact with the world in the best way you know how, by aiding in the exploration of self and in the creation of meaning and purpose.


My own experience in therapy, along with the practice of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and the spiritual use of psychedelics helped transform my life. My purpose is to help you transform yours.

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Individual Psychotherapy $150

"Reality denied comes back to haunt." - Philip K. Dick

Our most important relationship is our relationship with ourselves. While your feelings might be valid, they also might be causing you distress. Psychotherapy is the journey to the depths of self.

Couples/Family Therapy $150

Our (second) most important relationship in our modern world is with our partner. Couples therapy provides a space to hear your partner differently, perhaps for the first time. It is never too early to start couples therapy - the biggest mistake my couples make is starting therapy too late. 

Coaching $150

Coaching services are for professional individuals looking to improve practical skills, promote self-determination, problem solve, and enhance personal and professional performance.

How coaching differs from psychotherapy:

- focuses on the present moment rather than the past

- focuses on guidance and solutions rather than deep healing

- focuses on goal-directed behavior change

- more directive and active approach

- helps individuals take action, rather than help individuals cope

Presentations & Workshops $1500

Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of effective leadership and teamwork. Discover the art of resolving conflicts gracefully, develop a deeper sense of empathy and self-awareness at work, and explore how to foster greater group cohesion.

*travel not included

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